Alter Ego Clothing: Show Your Nerdy Side!

Alter Ego Clothing Wonder Woman Jacket

Sadly, you can’t cosplay every day. But you can wear alter ego clothing every day…clothing that lets you show off your nerdy side without going out in full cosplay.

What does it mean to have an alter ego? Well, literally, it means “other self” in Latin, but it doesn’t have to be an entirely different version of you. Maybe it’s more like a mood you slip into?

Lady Gaga

Let’s review a list of popular alter egos:

Clark Kent <->  Superman

Bruce Wayne <->  Batman

Peter Parker <->  Spiderman

David Bowie <-> Ziggy Stardust

Beyonce Knowles <-> Sasha Fierce

Eminem <-> Slim Shady

Nicki Minaj <-> Roman Zolanski

So both fictional characters and real people alike have alter egos. It makes sense that fictional characters would have alter egos (because they’re superheroes hiding their identities, duh) but why would a real person do this? Well if you cosplay you might already know the answer…

@disneycutiepie as Gamora for the #alteregocosplaychallenge

@disneycutiepie as Gamora for the #alteregocosplaychallenge

We all have different parts of ourselves that don’t exactly mesh well with the rest of our identity. Like maybe you’re kind of a quiet and shy person but you also want to be the one who makes everyone laugh?

Sometimes it’s tough to be both and switch gears from moment to moment – so we just decide to develop a second self who is specifically all about that other, different thing we want to be! Creating an alter ego is especially helpful if you’re nervous or shy about adopting new personality traits and qualities (or expressing hidden ones). Having an alter ego and pretending to be someone else can empower you to step out of your comfort zone. Cosplay is all about embodying characters and qualities you aspire to – you may not have a full on alter ego when you cosplay but you certainly get to try out being different people…

This is where alter ego clothing comes into play. For everyday life, you can wear clothes that remind you of these other people you want to emulate and the other parts of yourself that you want to grow! We’ve created a list of some brands that create “alter ego clothing” so you can flash your bat signal and let others know what you’re about. Each store is suited to a different alter ego style, in no particular order:

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“Eclectic, customized, wearable art for everyone.”

Your alter ego style: playful and loud

Your store: MoreMeKnow

I enjoy creating fabric designs that are nerdy yet subtle. So that it is a way for you to express yourself but not so “in your face”! Lauren thinks of her creations as wearable art and her mission is to bring eclectic, customized, wearable art to the everyday, for everyone!

MoreMeKnow Comic Book Skater Dress

All of Lauren’s items are handmade and they celebrate fandoms far and wide: from Creature from the Black Lagoon to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Also, she makes all kinds of things: button-up shirts, ties, skater dresses, tote bags, and fanny packs.

MoreMeKnow Ties With Iconic ComicBook Images

Check out her custom orders page to view her previous work! Fun fact: MoreMeKnow is actually a play on words that is referring to how you say Lauren’s last name: Mormino. Super clever.

Writer’s personal favorite: The ABC’s of Stranger Things Button-Up Shirt

StrangerThings Inspired Shirt


“Timeless fashion for timeless fandom.”

Your alter ego style: subtle and sophisticated

Your store: HeroWithin

HeroWithin celebrates the heroism and legacy of the DC and Marvel universe and they are

redefining how to express fandom. In the words of Tony Kim:

As fans we’ve grown up settling for limited and boring nerd style. While our passion hasn’t changed, our fashion needs have. This collection was designed to be sophisticated while shamelessly embracing our geeky side.

Mera and Aquaman Shirts from HeroWithin

“For years I have felt as a nerd/geek/fan we’ve never had the clothing we deserved. We’ve had plenty of black t-shirts and hoodies but it is now time that we have more sophisticated apparel to reflect the modern fan. So I set out to create a line that could be worn at work, out to an event or on a date. My dream is that our clothes will help people embrace their ‘hero within’ and be proud of what they love.”

Writer’s personal favorite: Superman 80th Anniversary Blazer


“Elevate Your Craft”

Your alter ego style: laidback and minimalist


Founders of SaucerLA Hanging Out in Their Gear

“Our fascination with space and the extraterrestrial combined with our determination for self-enrichment led to the creation of Saucer. Our slogan “Elevate your Craft” is more than a play on words. It serves as an everyday reminder for us to continually push boundaries in anything we do.

We were inspired to create a meaningful and timeless brand that transcends current trends. We stand for something much greater than imitation as we value originality and distinctness. Every effort is made to ensure our brand not only symbolizes self-enrichment, but also provides quality products. All of our pieces are embroidered as opposed to the common screen-printed alternative that may fade after a handful of washes. We pride ourselves in knowing that our consumer will wear something meaningful and durable.”

A Hoodie from SaucerLA

“Our inner nerd is showcased in the sense of simplicity and cleverness of the brand. The goal is not to be overtly excessive, but to require for there to be a deeper understanding of what we symbolize. Our customers are just like us. They showcase their inner nerd not always by what they wear but by what they do every day. Our brand encourages the strive for advancement and self-enrichment in all facets of life. It is evident that everyone’s “craft” is different. Therefore, it is essential that we design our products to be extremely versatile. The majority of our items are meant to be worn regardless of age and gender because we believe that everyone is entitled to strive for greatness.”

Writer’s personal favorite: Cuffed Beanie

Cuffed Beanie from SaucerLA

So what’s your secret?

If you don’t already know, you might like to read, “Who Should I Cosplay As? How to Choose a Cosplay Character” or Cosplay an extrovert w/ @neoncaffeine

Now get out there and strut your stuff! We’d love to hear how you share your nerdy side even when you’re not in cosplay. Let us know in the comments and include your social media handle so we can keep in touch!

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