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Rinmaru anime avatar creator game

Anime Avatar Creator – Five Avatar Creators to Play Now

Create your own character!

Who do you want to be? Whether you want to be a magical girl making the world a better place or a wise, immortal spirit hanging around to save humanity from certain destruction, chances are good that you can find a game to suit your needs. The best thing about anime avatar creators is the wide array of characters you can create.

You can make the character that speaks to you, no matter what that might be. To help you get there, we’ve taken the time to compile a list of the five best anime avatar creator sites for new players and veterans alike. Let’s take a look!  

Top Anime Avatar Creators Online

Rinmaru anime avatar creator game

Rinmaru Games

According to Roman, the owner of Rinmaru Games, he has been creating online avatar maker and outfit creator games since 2008. That decade of experience is noticeable as you move through the website. You can create anime avatars spanning genres including fashion, couples, seasonal, and fantasy. Why not give it a try and create an anime avatar for yourself? Try out their Anime Elf Creator and give yourself a mythological flair!

Doll Divine avatar creator trio

Doll Divine

Creating avatars is fun, but it can also be frustrating if you’re looking for a specific style or theme. That’s where Doll Divine comes in! They have an outfit creator dedicated to almost any theme you can imagine, including animal anime avatars, historical anime avatars, and fandom anime avatars. You can even make yourself into an adorable anime kitten avatar by using their Kitten Maker anime avatar creator!


According to its website, Avachara is “a web app where you create an avatar character”, and they deliver upon that promise in spades. Their anime maker lets you pick from a number of different facial features when creating your avatar so that you have plenty of choice and can pick the very best option for your needs. To further customize your creation, you can put together your own outfits complete with items and unique wallpapers!

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Girls Go Games avatar creator


Whether you want to “create your favorite anime character or transform yourself into one”, GirlsGoGames’ Mega Anime Avatar Creator has the options necessary to create the perfect avatar for your needs. It’s truly an anime maker that gives users as much choice as possible, and the creators even supply a number of thorough tutorials to help you get started on your avatar right away!

Headwink Cosplay App Try On Japanese Cosplay


Finally, let’s talk about Headwink! Yes, it’s a shameless plug for our website – but it’s a plug that is also genuinely useful. Our anime avatar creator is particularly unique because you can upload your own photo and dress yourself up! You can be as anime-styled as you want, and you can even use the opportunity to check out how certain clothes and outfits might look on your form. The best part is that you don’t have to watch an ad before you play! Why not give it a shot?

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