Collectible Cosplay Cards!

At Headwink, we have a dream! 

We want to provide you with collectible Cosplay Cards of all your favorite cosplayers. What better way to show your support than being able to buy, trade, and share your fave’s best work?!

Learn something new about the characters you love and the people who cosplay them. Plus, a portion of the proceeds go to your chosen cosplayer!

Get a pack and make the project happen!

About Headwink

Rebate Agreement

Onuview LLC. (Headwink) offers a $5.00 rebate on the purchase of a set of Cosplay Cards. Please carefully read the following terms and conditions in order to receive this offer.

Rebate applies only to 1 set of Cosplay Cards purchased through a completed Kickstarter pledge for $15 or more and cannot be redeemed for any other product.

Proof of purchase is required in the form of a screenshot of your confirmation email from Kickstarter, a copy of which must be included with this form.

The rebate cannot be combined with any offers and will be calculated after all discounts have been applied. The rebate is only effective from 05/01/2019 through 06/01/2019. Thereafter, this offer will not be honored.


In order to submit the rebate via MAIL:

The recipient must mail a printed screenshot of their completed Kickstarter pledge email, this form, contact information, name, and PayPal or Venmo email address in a self-addressed, stamped envelope to: 2443 Fillmore St. 380-4057, San Francisco, CA 94115.

In order to submit the rebate via EMAIL:

The recipient must email a screenshot of their completed Kickstarter pledge, photo of this form, contact information, name, and PayPal or Venmo email address to:

After verification of purchase, the recipient will receive the rebate in the form of $5 USD via PayPal or Venmo after approximately 4 weeks.

For any questions or concerns, please contact

About Headwink

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