Cosplay Sponsorships: cosplay an extrovert w/ @neoncaffeine

Cosplay an extrovert and start some conversations!

Many people are shy about messaging the brands they want to work with, so cosplay an extrovert and pretend it’s your character sending those messages! Seriously, part of cosplaying is unleashing traits you might not have, but that your character has, right? Well that can help you with getting sponsored. By cosplaying as an extrovert and engaging with brands and other cosplayers – you’re more likely to find opportunities. In this interview, @neoncaffeine talks about how her extroversion has helped her stay persistent and get cosplay sponsorships.

Read more to learn how @neoncaffeine keeps the conversation going!


How Mango got our attention: she kept engaging with our content and supporting Headwink. Even after we first worked with her, Mango kept suggesting new ways that she could help promote Headwink and took the initiative to represent us at cons!


You can cosplay an extrovert and build your following like neoncaffeine who is not shy - she has 16.1k followers!



How did you first get your content out there? When did you first get noticed?

I started Instagram as a Pokemon roleplayer and I’ll have you know I was a very cringey 12 year old. I’m not sure how I gained a bunch of followers, but I did. Personally, I’d say the best way to gain followers is simply to be social – for me this is easy because I’m extremely extroverted! [Headwink: we agree – she is super extroverted.]


What kind of brand representation do you think is easiest to get started with?

I think it’s easiest to start with smaller companies, I personally recommend contact companies. I typically DM companies and say something along the lines of, “Hey! I’m a social media influencer who specializes in cosplay, anime, and color contacts. I was wondering if you’d be interested in sponsoring me or having me review a product?” Ask if you can partner with them if they have a sponsorship program. PEOPLE WILL TURN YOU DOWN – however some will not and there’s your chance.


Did you get paid to promote or do some work for free initially?

Personally, I’ve always been paid to promote, because I found out about sponsorships when 13 year old me was posting Digimon art and using #Digimon…I was messaged by a voice actor from Digimon, offering to pay me to promote the show. I guess since that was my first experience I always went with paid promos.


Neoncaffeine posts about what cons she's going to and asks friends to connect there!


What do you do when you feel like you’re not making progress or you hit a roadblock?

Whenever I feel like nothing new is happening with my Instagram I like to host a contest or an SFS (shoutout for shoutout) to get fresh people and ideas!


What is the top tip you would give your best friend if they were trying to get sponsorships for their cosplay?

If you’re trying to get into sponsorships, my best piece of advice is to be confident! Don’t be afraid of failure or criticism – they’re learning experiences. If you work hard, you will eventually find someone willing to sponsor you! In addition, if you’re looking to start, sign up for Headwink’s sponsorship hub – it’s free and easy to use! I’ve been able to gain sponsors who have found me from my profile on Headwink’s app!


neoncaffeine is always commenting and engaging with her followers - not just relying on awesome cosplay alone


I encourage you to check out @neoncaffeine’s posts and watch how she interacts with her followers. Mango is just as interactive with her followers’ content as they are hers. She does the same with the brands she likes! Even if you’re shy, you can fake it ’til you make it – cosplay an extrovert.


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