Cosplay Sponsorships: authentic cosplay with @ribaibu

Authentic cosplay – it’s not just about amazing costumes!

You develop a loyal following by being sincere – with authentic cosplay. Our next featured cosplayer in this series, @ribaibu really shines at this. She is all about staying true to her personal style and that’s how she stays true to her fanbase. She only reps things she likes and that they would like. And a key to getting cosplay sponsorships…is showing brands that you have a loyal following. Read more to learn how @ribaibu has stayed authentic and kept a loyal fanbase.


How she got our attention: she is very engaged with her followers and has amazing photos (she edits a lot herself!)


ribaibu's Instagram profile snapshot shows she has over 63k followers!

How did you first get your content out there? When did you first get noticed?

There wasn’t any particular way that I got my content out there. I just shared what I love — cosplaying — I shared consistently, spread positivity to others in the community, and met a lot of amazing people that helped me grow as a person and cosplayer! The one cosplay I’m most known for is GGO Sinon from Tekko 2017, which was when I first got noticed.


What kind of brand representation do you think is easiest to get started with?

I think the easiest brand representation to get started with are product reviews. It’s important to review items honestly and those that you think could potentially be helpful for your followers. Having a personal way to connect with both the brand and followers at the same time is a great way to not only help the company but those who may be interested in the product as well!


ribaibu has stayed true to her style of cosplay - she's authentic!

Did you get paid to promote or do some work for free initially?

Any form of brand representation should come with upfront compensation — whether it be a free product or payment, no matter the audience size. The work you put in for the company is valued and takes thought, time, and effort.


What do you do when you feel like you’re not making progress or you hit a roadblock?

When I hit a roadblock with creativity, I try to do collaborations with other content creators/companies. Doing so gives me the opportunity to meet amazing people and push myself with something new! If it’s for a personal project I’m in the process of making, I take a step back, relax, and come back at a later time with a refreshed mind.

What is the top tip you would give your best friend if they were trying to get sponsorships for their cosplay?

The top tip I can give to someone with sponsorships is to stay true to your content, your fanbase, and yourself. Take on collaborations that: will help both parties (in terms of creativity, audience, sales, etc). be impactful for the audience (whether it be meeting at cons, helpful products, etc), and is something you feel fits your niche/yourself.


ribaibu collaborates with other cosplayers and content creators


I encourage you to check out @ribaibu‘s posts and note the progression from the first post to the most recent. You’ll see that she has maintained a lot of consistency and stayed true to her personal style. Additionally, she really spreads positivity and engages with her followers. Now that’s authentic cosplay!


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