Quick Costume Ideas for Halloween & Where to Buy

Wonder Woman crush cap Quick Costume Ideas

Ok the countdown to Halloween is on. This article is for those who need quick costume ideas and aren’t feeling so crafty or don’t have the time for DIY! Coming up with the idea is only half the battle – then you have to sort through the whole internet to find a trusted source! We’re to help.

If you want to wear a costume but need to keep it simple and don’t know where to shop online, here is a guide to awesome stores for that quick costume idea.


You’re a minimalist but you like to costume.

Try a tail or some paws! Our go-to for all things furry is PawstarProducts. You can easily pull together a ton of costumes with these furry additions: The Cheshire Cat, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, a dragon, a monster from Monsters Inc., a mouse, a bunny, or whatever other furry creature you happen to love.


Why we love Pawstars: Their products are handcrafted with 15 years of professional experience! Creations come with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty: if the item breaks from general use and wear despite proper care, they will fix or replace it for free!


Fantastic Mr. Fox or Felicity Fox – SpicyFox Yip Ear Headband, Fox Tail

Felicity Fox by @acidcandycosplay


Cheshire Cat – Cheshire Fox Yip Ear & Mini Tail Combo

Cheshire cat by @the_sarcastic_ginger


Snarky Dragon Tail

A Snarky Dragon Tail makes a quick costume!


Classic Wolf Ear and Tail Combo

@razor_candi as a dark gothic wolf


Ordering:To get your order in time for Halloween: be sure to order by 10/9/18 for International shipping and 10/16/18 for domestic US shipping!

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You want movie-grade quality, but you’re low-key.

If you’re looking for a costume that is low-key, quality, and you want to pay homage to a character or series you love, you’ll find something at BlondeSwan’s Etsy shop.


Why we love BlondeSwan: Their hats are handcrafted and often made from leather – they are made to last. These items have a level of artesanal detail and care that you just won’t find from a regular costume shop. Moreover, BlondeSwan has a wide selection of steampunk and renaissance items that look like the real deal. If you’re really into costuming, you’ll want to invest in some of these items and make them part of your for events year ’round. They also do custom orders! 😉


A Harley Quinn riding hat puts a spin on this Renaissance fairy look. @gogo_incognito wearing a Police Box Tiny Topper  A Wonder Woman inspired crush cap makes a quick costume.

Clockwise from the top:

A Harley Quinn inspired riding hat completes this renaissance fairy look. Photo from BlondeSwan.

Police Box Tiny Topper for a Dr.Who themed costume. Cosplayer @gogo_incognito  photographer @wildecompany.

Wonder Woman Inspired Crush Cap Photo from BlondeSwan

Bloodborne inspired hat. Cosplayer @cheesecakepanda_cosplay  photographer: @maison_hikari


Ordering: If you don’t find something you like, they take custom orders! Email them at: orders@blondeswan.com. To make sure you get the best fit, follow the measuring instructions listed in their ‘About’ section on Etsy.



You want something from your favorite TV show, pop culture, or just something different.

TVStoreOnline has quick costume ideas.

TVStoreOnline takes their name seriously, with 1000+ Officially Licensed TV and Movie Costumes, Shirts, and more…


Why we love TV Store Online: Their selection also extends to brands and pop culture references so you could simply wear something like a t-shirt for your costume and be ready to go! They also have a really handy selection of Couples and Group Costumes (if you’re like us, you’re always trying to get your friends to do group costumes).

Average Joes from Dodgeball makes an awesome group costume.


Shark Week!
Shark Week!


Haven't you always wanted to wear an inflatable suit?!
Haven’t you always wanted to wear an inflatable suit?!


Ordering: When you’re ready to check out, you’ll find they carefully list what is included with your purchase. Better yet, they have Featured Fan Photos and funny promotional videos so that you can see how the costume fits and get pumped! Be sure to read the oh-so handy reviews to get a feel for how each costume feels/fits.



You want the whole sh’bang!

“If your question is halloween, your answer is Rubie’s.”

Why we love Rubie’s:

Rubie’s wowed us with their amazingly handy Stores Near You search feature that displays costumes stores across the US that are…you guessed it…near you! If you’re not interested in wandering the aisles, then we recommend you check out their Online Retailers which you can shop from 24/7.

You can search for costumes by Trend or by popular Halloween categories that range from Arabian-to Renaissance-to Zombie.


Eleven from Stranger Things
Eleven from Stranger Things
Queen Amidala from Star Wars
Queen Amidala from Star Wars
Where's Waldo is the Classic Quick Costume!
Where’s Waldo is the Classic Quick Costume!
Raven from Teen Titans
Raven from Teen Titans


They even have pet costumes. So c’mon, if you’re not going to dress up, you’ve at least got to dress up your pet! I mean who doesn’t love puppy Captain America?

Rubie's even has quick costumes for pets!


Ordering: Find a store near you or order from one of their Online Retailers which you can shop from 24/7. Live outside the US? Rubie’s is global, with stores in Australia, Germany, Portugal, Israel, Spain, France, Canada, Italy, United Kingdom, China, Japan, United States, and the Netherlands! Shipping times WILL vary from store-to-store so hurry up and get your order in!


But really you guys, the Halloween countdown is on, so be sure to get your orders in! Find more inspiration by checking out our articles ‘8 Creative Couples Halloween Costume Ideas for 2018‘ and follow our 31 Days of Halloween on Instagram.

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