Running Costumes: Another Excuse to Cosplay

Gingerbread Men Running Costumes at marathon race

The Unusual Relationship Between Cosplay and Marathon Running Costumes

If someone told you they planned to run a marathon dressed as Chewbacca, you might think that it was a ridiculous idea. Instead of wearing the latest sports technology, a lot of people have actually started running in full-on costumes from the Star Wars universe and beyond. Running costumes are more common than you think and there are many reasons why people engage in this hilarious and awesome activity!


Stand Out and Get Snacks First

If you’ve ever witnessed or run a marathon firsthand, you will know how easy it is to get lost in a sea of moisture-wicking shirts. Some people find that running costumes bring more personality to a race where everyone is basically dressed the same way. Not only will you be able to showcase your identity and creativity, you will also become very easy to spot. Marathons are a grueling 26 miles and a lot of people have their own support crews standing by to hand them water or snacks on the way. A costume will help your crew pick you out from the crowd and give you the assistance you need as soon as possible.


runDisney Running Costumes (Image: runDisney Facebook)
runDisney Running Costumes (Image: runDisney Facebook)


Team Pick-Me-Up

Let’s be honest: running is tough. Running coach Ben Waldman says that donning unusual attire makes it a more inviting event for those who have yet to join a race. Some people even dress up in team costumes which can boost the group’s spirit during a tiring ordeal. It’s not uncommon for solo runners to throw in the towel once they’ve hit the wall, but having people run alongside you who are dressed just as silly as you are can help you overcome that hurdle. Running in cosplay helps you maintain a positive attitude and see the fun side of things.


Raise Awareness for a Cause

Another reason people run in costume is to attract attention. Social media is a powerful thing; a single shutter snap can garner a lot of engagement online! At Headwink we’re always trying to share tips on getting cosplay sponsorships – running in costume can definitely be used as a clever advertising tool. Race organizers, for example, encourage people to wear costumes and increase awareness for the event itself, especially when there’s a charitable cause to support! The more costumes there are, the more people know about an event, and the more people will participate to raise funds for a cause!


A pantomime horse runs past the Tower of London during 1982's London Marathon (Image: Getty Images)
A pantomime horse runs past the Tower of London during 1982’s London Marathon. (Image: Getty Images)

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Travel to New Places!

There are plenty of events all over the world where running in costume is becoming increasingly popular. One of the biggest races famed for its costumes is the London Marathon which has seen everything from suits of armor to hotdog costumes. There’s no shortage of races in London where you can dress up as many locals have done over the years. You can join the Hackney Half Marathon if you’re still getting used to running in costume. It’s a lovely route which passes through the lush greenery of Victoria Park as well as the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, which you may recall from the 2012 Olympics. Ladbrokes notes how this Olympic venue is now called the London Stadium and is home to soccer club West Ham United. You may want to dress up as your favorite Olympian or soccer player to channel their athletic ability in your run. Meanwhile in the US, you can let out your inner princess, prince, or beast in any of the runDisney race series, which is the country’s most popular costume run. Ok, so you don’t have to dress up in costumes to run in new places – but it’s more fun!


For many people, running is just a fun activity and if wearing a costume is the way you can enhance the experience, then no one can stop you!


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