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Whether you’re just a beginner cosplayer or advanced, our Sponsorship Hub will help you get noticed. You can get connected to businesses for promotional opportunities ranging from convention representation to product reviews.

Headwink Sponsorship Hub

Make it easier for businesses to find you by creating a profile with awesome images and searchable tags that tell businesses who you are and what you offer.

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Find more stores looking for help with promotion.


Don’t just get lost in their inbox; let Headwink be your representative.

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Participate in campaigns that you genuinely like, not fake ads.

How do I get paid to cosplay?

Paid Posts & Stories

Product reviews

Content promo

Blogs, videos, tutorials etc.

Event representation

Brand ambassadors, booth babes, panelists & more.

Event coverage

Livestreams & account takeovers.

For Beginners

If you’re just starting out, it may be tricky to get the attention of the large brands you’d like to work with. By regularly participating in our Sponsorship Hub contests you can make yourself visible to a business you want to work with. If you win the contest, you will definitely be on their radar!

For Experienced Cosplayers

Let businesses come to you. Make your value proposition clear and stand out by providing a Bio and searchable tags that tell businesses who you are and what you offer (beyond your numbers) that makes working with you unique. By helping lesser known businesses you could get an edge on the competition and become the key spokesperson for the next Rubie’s, BlackMilkClothing, or your favorite props maker.

Check out tips from Influencers we work with!


Cosplay Sponsorships: cosplay an extrovert w/ @neoncaffeine

Cosplay an extrovert and start some conversations! Many people are shy about messaging the brands they want to work with, so cosplay an extrovert and pretend it’s your character sending those messages! Seriously, part of cosplaying is unleashing traits you might not have, but that your character has, right? Well that can help you with

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Cosplay Sponsorships: authentic cosplay with @ribaibu

Authentic cosplay – it’s not just about amazing costumes! You develop a loyal following by being sincere – with authentic cosplay. Our next featured cosplayer in this series, @ribaibu really shines at this. She is all about staying true to her personal style and that’s how she stays true to her fanbase. She only reps

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Cosplay Sponsorships: brand awareness with @veganspidey

Creating Brand Awareness for Your Cosplay. Our next featured cosplayer in this series is @veganspidey! We love him and think he is brilliant because of how naturally and clearly he communicates what he’s all about. He has created a personal brand that is really sincere, easy to relate to, and engaging. By creating a clear

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This dog with a ponytail is an influencer on youtube.

Cosplay Sponsorships: getting started with @emjaeadamson

Cosplay sponsorships! Convention reps! Page models! Paid promoting! What do all these things have in common? You have to hustle for them. Cosplay sponsorships don’t rain down from the sky, but we’ve been doing our research… and the thing is: they’re not out of reach! We’re chatting with creative and industrious cosplayers to learn how

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