What is Headwink?!

Headwink is like that best friend that first got you into cosplay: a friendly and supportive resource. Only, we want Headwink to know everything! This blog is about our exploration and discovery of cosplay and yours too!

With Headwink you can easily see yourself in costumes from all over the web with just a couple taps on your phone. Whether you’re getting ready for your next convention, or photoshoot, or cosplay event, Headwink is there to give you tips on your next build. We’re constantly creating new opportunities to interact with Headwink and other cosplayers: get noticed on Instagram as a Senpai or maybe find your first store sponsorship!

Well, Headwink may not be able to do all of those things yet…but we’re getting there. With your help we’re going to make all of this happen and have a great time doing it.  Just like you’re trying to find your way in the cosplay world, Headwink is working on it too. So follow us along the way, as we try to make Headwink the cosplay friend you want.


Meet some of the Team:

Chris – Founder:

First look at cosplay was on the streets of Harajuku – just a bit awestruck by the outfits and all of Japan really!

First Cosplay: Just recently as Ezio from Assassin’s creed



Ashley – Design and Creative Development:

The first time I encountered cosplay was when I stumbled upon Anime Boston while visiting a friend and walking around Boston. I was super impressed by how people painted their entire bodies, because I’d tried that for a costume before and ended up feeling very sticky the whole time!

First Cosplay: a Capitol citizen from The Hunger Games

You – MVP:

Tell us a bit about yourself, because you’re the most important part of our team!  We’d love to know more. (Comment below!)

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